Volvo Penta Push Button Switch Lenses


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If your Volvo Penta push button (EDC) switch panel looks like this…

…we have the perfect solution. In most cases, the actual switch is in working order. Therefore, instead of replacing the whole switch (at £140 per switch) we can supply replacement lenses and labels for a fraction of the cost.

These switches are often used for EDC engines but can be found on many other Volva Penta engines including:
AD31, AD41, D12, D41, KAD300, KAD32, KAD42, KAD43, KAD44, KAMD300, KAMD42, KAMD43, KAMD44, MS25, TAMD102, TAMD103, TAMD121, TAMD122, TAMD162, TAMD163, TAMD165, TAMD31, TAMD41, TAMD42, TAMD61, TAMD62, TAMD63, TAMD71, TAMD72, TAMD73, TAMD74, TAMD75, TMD121, TMD31, TMD41

Kits available:

  • Twin engine (with 2x “D” (“Diagnostic), 2x “N” (Neutral), 1x “A” (Active) and 1x “<->” (Sync) labels)
  • Dual engine (no labels)
  • Single engine (with 1x “D” (“Diagnostic), 1x “N” (Neutral), 1x “A” (Active) labels)
  • Single engine (no letters)
  • Start / Stop (with labels)
  • Start / Stop (no labels)

We can also provide OEM replacement switch tops and bodies.

If a replacement bulb is required, these are standard T5 type bulbs (12v/24v, 1.2w with a W2x4.6d base).

VP Switch Caps

Twin Engine (with labels: D, N, A, Sync), Twin Engine (no labels), Single Engine (with labels: D, N, A), Single Engine (no labels), Twin Engine Start / Stop (with labels: Start, Stop), Twin Engine Start / Stop (no labels), Single Engine Start / Stop (with labels: Start, Stop), Single Engine Start / Stop (no labels), Switch Top, Switch Body


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