Q. My transom isn’t flat. Can I still fit one of your names?

A.┬áThis is an issue we get frequently. We have known clients to have a curve put in letters that we have supplied to them but we don’t recommend this as the letters can be damaged or scratched in the process. If the transom has a slight curve then we recommend narrower or shorter letters to reduce the risk of a see-saw effect. The VHB tape that we use is slightly padded and is nearly a millimetre thick which can also help.

Q. I have limited horizontal or vertical space, can you suggest a suitably proportioned font?

A. Yes of course. Based on the space available, we can recommend a selection of fonts to optimize the space.

Q. Do I really need polished edges?

A. Polishing the edges not only gives a smooth cosmetic appearance to the edges but also minimizes the risk of corrosion in the future. Whilst polishing the edges, we also give the faces an extra polish to make them as flawless as possible. If you’re on a tight budget then non-polished edges are still a viable option and we’ve had no complaints from customers who have omitted edge polishing.

Q. How do I attach the letters to my boat?

A. All our our letters are supplied with VHB (Very High Bonding) double sided tape applied to the backs.

Q. Do you supply a fitting template?

A. Yes, all of our boat names come with a fitting template. Simply attached this to the back of the boat and apply the letters through the cut-outs in the template.

Q. Can I fit my old letters to my new boat?

A. Yes. The name can be removed by running some fishing line across the back of the letters to loosen the double sided tape. If you would like your letters to be re-polished and re-taped we would be glad to do this at cost price.

Q. Do you supply illuminated letters?

A. We’re sorry, due to the extensive R&D required to make a reliable product (with proper encapsulation of the letters) we cannot provide illuminated letters at present.

Q. Can I have a Perspex backing to my letters to make them more prominent?

A. Yes, we can back your letters with a 5mm Opal Perspex backing. We’ve done this in the past and the results are fantastic.Please let us know if you would like us to quote for this option.

Q. Can I have brushed stainless faces and polished edges?

A. This isn’t really practical as some polishing of the faces is required to polish the edges.

Q. I’ve seen a font that I like but don’t know what it’s called. Can you help?

A. We can normally identify fonts. Email us a photo and we’ll see if we can identify it (we like a challenge!).

Q. Can you modify a font?

A. Yes, we often make fonts to make them a little bolder and can modify individual letters to give a truly unique name. We make no charge for such alterations.