Raised Sealine Model Decals (price per set of 2)


Domed chrome effect Sealine model decals designed to replace the original raised decals that are no longer available from Sealine / Hanse.

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Choose from:

“Sealine” (50mm),
“S23”, “S28”, “S29”
“S37”, “S38”, “S41”
“S48”, “SC29”, “SC35”
“SC39”, “C39”, “C48”
“F33”, “F34”, “F37”
“F42/5”, “F43”,
“Sealine” (35mm)

If your model is not listed, please contact us for advice.

Each pack contains two decals.

Height: 55mm
Colour: Chrome effect
Quantity in pack: 2

This product is made to order so please 14 days for delivery.

Sealine Model

Sealine (50mm), C39, C48, F33, F34, F37, F42/5, F43, S23, S28, S29, S37, S38, S41, S48, SC29, SC35, SC39, Sealine (35mm)